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Teaching Philosophy

I place my responsibilities and interests as a performer and teacher on the same level of priority, valuing the immeasurable benefits that each brings to the other. My teaching philosophy is focused on the belief that it is my responsibility to perpetuate the art of music and of teaching music as an essential element of humanity, and to impart to others the knowledge I have acquired. To attain these goals, I challenge myself to be an effective teacher by:

  • Encouraging a student’s creativity, artistic growth, and expressive capabilities.
  • Striving to create an environment of open communication, mutual trust and respect.
  • Demonstrating adaptability and flexibility in order to teach students as individuals, taking into consideration each student’s strengths, areas in need of improvement, and learning style.
  • Encouraging goal setting and achieving in a positive environment, where constructive criticism is prominent and honesty is imperative.
  • Helping the student to develop the tools of technique and musicianship that enable him/her to go beyond the instrument to create expressive art.
  • Acknowledging and imparting to the student the serious commitment required to be a successful flutist and musician.
  • Helping the student to understand the role of the arts and artist in society, and preparing him/her in practical ways for careers in music in the twenty-first century.


Flute Study at James Madison University

Flute study at the James Madison University School of Music is designed to prepare the flute student for a professional career in music performance, teaching, and/or industry. The James Madison University School of Music is a large and competitive institution, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees, including Bachelor of Music degree programs in Performance, Music Education, and Music Industry, Master of Music degree programs in Performance and Music Education, and a new Doctor of Musical Arts degree in Performance, Pedagogy, and Literature, including a joint M.M./D.M.A. degree.

In addition to performance experience in ensemble and solo contexts, students are encouraged to gain a thorough understanding of flute literature, pedagogy, and the historical and theoretical context of their music making. I promote discipline and a high standard of musical and academic excellence within an encouraging and supportive environment. In addition, there are several unique components of the flute program, including the JMU Flute Club and JMU Flute Choir.

Members of the JMU flute studio are active in the community as performers and private teachers, and they frequently participate in competitions, and summer masterclasses and festivals throughout the world. JMU flute students have had many successes in regional, national, and international competitions. Many have been prizewinners in the Flute Society of Washington competitions, which attract applicants from the entire Mid-Atlantic region, the National Flute Association competitions, and internationally competitive summer masterclasses and festivals. In addition to their numerous successes while at JMU, flute students have graduated and attained jobs in public education in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and other states, as well as internships and employment at arts centers and symphony orchestras around the country. Many have gained acceptance and been awarded scholarships to prestigious graduate programs, including the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the University of Minnesota, the University of Colorado-Boulder, Southern Methodist University, and the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Under my tutelage, JMU flute alumni who have graduated with concentrations in Music Education, and who have pursued careers in secondary music education, boast a 100% employment rate in music education, reflecting the JMU School of Music’s comprehensive standards of excellence.

If you would like more information about the JMU flute program, please contact me.